Salt Water Lamp Night Light

$ 29,99

Salt Water Emergency Lamp 

No recharging , No Batteries Required

Just add Salt and Water ,Shake Well





Bright & Portable】The product is equipped with 3 LED lights, LED night light can get as bright as 50 lumens. The output current is 100mA, and the power is 0.5W.Continuous use up to 140 hours. Intermittent use up to 200 hours.With water and salt inside,can be used for up to 70 days,(up to five years).

Salt Water LED Lamp】Pour in about 15g of salt and fill with water up to the water level line ready to use. Household salt can also be used, no water quality, purity requirements.

Emergency Lamp】In special cases, adding seawater or urine can also use emergency lights, it just affects the brightness a little bit. When you go camping or the power goes out, emergency lights are a good option just in case.

Compact & Lightweight】With its collapsible design, the lamp is portable like a smartphone and it’s lightweight; Easily pack it in your backpack or emergency kit while camping or hiking.



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